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Moving out? Spring cleaning? Easily create your personal garage sale site to sell your stuff, and share it instantly with friends & others.

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Sign up to get your personal site and add all the items you want to sell.
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Share your sale’s unique URL with anyone, anywhere: on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, via email or forums – you name it!
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Provide your terms of sale to connect with customers and agree on payment and delivery options.
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Mark items as reserved or sold to reflect real-time availability, and add sale items at any time.
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6 Reasons to use Diggsweep


Set up and share your Diggsweep sale within minutes.


Unique URLs and no competition with other sales make your Diggsweep sale highly personal.


Diggsweep knows no borders. Use it anywhere in the world with any currency.


Share your sale intimately, or wherever you like: Facebook, Twitter, email - totally up to you.


Diggsweep is designed for sharing, so you can sell beyond your immediate network.


If someone digs your taste, Diggsweep sales encourages them to snap up items belonging together.
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