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About us

I never realised how much stuff I had until I decided to leave Berlin in the summer of 2017. I was sitting in an apartment full of things to get rid of. Furniture, computer stuff, appliances, tools etc. But I couldn’t find a good way to showcase all that I wanted to sell. None of the usual existing “buy and sell”-sites were practical for the amount of things I had.

Since I was selling a lot of things, most in very good shape and at very good prices, I wanted to offer them to my friends first and create a summary that I could share privately. So I decided to build a web page on my own that did all that for me.

Within days I had managed to sell everything. To friends and their friends.

The experience of my own sale and the feedback I got from many people led me to create this service with my old colleague and good friend Dino Erdmann.

Diggsweep is born

What is Diggsweep?
An online service that lets you create your own private sale site for selling your stuff to friends and others.

When do I need Diggsweep?
Whenever you are in a position that you need to put up a lot of items for sale. Maybe a move out sale, clearing the attic, general spring cleaning. And as Diggsweep let you easily show everything you sell, your visitors get inspired to buy more. Even if they initially only were looking for the kitchen table, perhaps when they see the matching chairs, they will want them as well.

But why Diggsweep? Why not just put the items on Craigslist, Ebay or similar?
These sites are great for fewer items, but when you have a lot of stuff and you want to be able to share a summary of what you have they aren’t as good. And you will always be in a competition. If you are selling a sofa you can be sure there are plenty of other people also selling their sofa, just one click away.

Ok great, but the above mentioned sites do have many potential buyers visiting, how will buyers find my site?
The best potential buyers are probably closer to you than you think. Use your social media network (post on Facebook, forums etc.), and you will be surprised to see how many friends and friends of friends will actually be interested in what you have to sell. And these are probably also people you are more comfortable selling to compared to unknown strangers.

Happy sweeping :-)

David Andersson and Dino Erdmann
Founders of Diggsweep