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About Us

The idea of Diggsweep was born as one of our founders facilitated his own move out sale. Read more about how the power of social media helped him succeed with his sale here.

What is Diggsweep?

An online service that lets you create your own private sale site for selling your stuff to friends and others.

When do I need Diggsweep?

Whenever you put up a lot of items for sale and want to manage the sale easily. Maybe a move out sale, clearing the attic, general spring cleaning.

How will I find buyers?

The best potential buyers are probably closer to you than you think. Use your social media network (post on Facebook, forums etc.), and you will be surprised to see how many friends and friends of friends will actually be interested in what you have to sell. And these are probably also people you are more comfortable selling to compared to unknown strangers.

There are many ways to promote your sale, and as you get your own unique link it will be all up to you!

Happy sweeping :-)

David Andersson and Dino Erdmann
Founders of Diggsweep